TheTIP International Seminar – Best Theatre Practices against Islamophobia

Forn de teatre Pa'tothom. Seminar international

Participants / Program

Forn de teatre Pa’tothom – Speaker: Jordi Forcadas (Spain)

Description of the practice: Forum Theatre: “The unbearable banality of the subject”.


Giolli – Speaker: Roberto Mazzini (Italy)

Description of the practice: “Stories of Everyday Islamophobia – Online forum theatre as a tool against Islamophobia”.


La Candela Teatro y Comunidad – Speaker: Javier Garcia San Miguel (Spain)

Description of the practice: “Experience gained in working together with Red Incola against Islamophobia with the theater forum”.


Mission Locale and Théâtre des Bords de Saône  – Speaker: Nicolas Duplot

Description of the practice: “The impact of the forum theatre technique on young people”



Day: 20th September from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Mode: virtual, Zoom

The complete International Seminar has two parts.

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