Theatre workshops in France

During the last months, the Mission Locale Yssingeaux organised several in-person theatre workshops to make participants aware of issues related to racism and islamophobia. Mixed groups, as well as a group of migrants, participated in the workshops. The feedback has been very positive for all workshops. Some participants were sceptical at first and did not have any theatre experience, which could have been a hurdle. Truth was far from that. Participants were delighted by the workshop and its usefulness. They had the opportunity to act and to put themselves in the shoes of victims of discrimination. Further, they could interact with others on the subject and defend the oppressed. Some participants were even able to share their own experiences on the topic.The workshop with the group of migrants was also a wonderful experience. The language barrier was a stumbling block for some participants, but it did not hinder them to participate fully in the workshop, and to be involved in the suggested plays. Their feedback was also very positive. Above all, they appreciated to be offered the opportunity to do something different, and to meet French people other than those who work with them daily. The sanitary situation cut them off from the world, and integration issues became tangible as they are feeling even more isolated in the current situation. At the end of the session, they all had a common feeling: they were thrilled!

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