Social Forum against Islamophobia and all kinds of racism in Barcelona

Unitat contra el feixisme i el racisme organises the 5th edition of the Social Forum against Islamophobia and all types of racism.

From 6 to 12 June 2021

People who think that Islamophobia and other racisms do not affect them are mistaken.
The current rise of racism and the extreme right is a threat to the whole world. We have to respond with the firm defence of coexistence and civil rights for everyone. We do not allow our neighbours to be stigmatised.
This is the fifth edition of the Forum. Last year it did not take place. This year it will be held in a hybrid way, with online sessions and some face-to-face and decentralised events” +info

#FSI2021 #StopIslamophobia

Forn de teatre Pa’tothom will participate with the forum play against Islamophobia:

“The unbearable banality of the subject”.

Forum theatre

Synopsis: Islamophobia in the workplace and in education.
Directed by: Jordi Forcadas
Actress/actors: Hajar Fawzi, Siham Azaouyat, Ilham Arsiine, Loubna Gourmat, Mariam Bahous, Marua El Houari, Cheikh Drame, Eduard Benito, Franz Fernández, George Zamrini y Martí Costa.

Lugar: Centro Cultural Islámico del Clot
Hora: 13,30h

Con la colaboración de SAFI

Organiza UCFR


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