Voici le manuel TIP!

Les partenaires de TIP ont écrit un manuel qui relate leurs expériences vécues durant la mise en place du projet TIP. Au programme: islamophobie, cours anti-rumeurs, utilisation du théâtre forum et bien d’autres!Vous pouvez le découvrir ici:


For more information about the training of theatre of the oppressed : https://www.patothom.org/es/formacio-teatre-de-loprimit-i-islamofobia/ More info for the Participation in the International demonstration#WorldagainstRacism  : https://worldagainstracism.org/ For more information, please contact us: thetip.2019@gmail.com or info@patothom.org

Newsletter 04 / January 2021

Major events will take place in the coming months. In particular, the final conference of the TIP project under the name of the Conference on Theatre and pedagogy against Islamophobia in Barcelona. Also, the TIP manual will be available soon. It is a useful tool for all people, activists, organisations who want to engage in the fight against Islamophobia.

Selection of good practises against Islamophobia in Europe

After two years of implementing the TIP Project, it has been very enriching to know about many initiatives that are working to fight Islamophobia.Here you can find some of them, which have been a referential framework within the development of our project, both at an ideological and practical level. It is a quite interesting collection of […]