The European TIP project is an initiative that wants to work with the theater sharing and contributing to the analysis of the problem of Islamophobia. It also wants to contribute to a more extensive line of study, through the use of art to raise awareness, sensitize and denounce Islamophobia, To arrive to these objectives , the project will take on the theater, trying to address the challenges it faces in this regard.
To do this, the project will provide, support or create contexts of debate between organizations, researchers and people who knows about the subject to create another line to combat Islamophobia.
The construction of strategies will be studied through artistic actions to create a debate that can contribute to organizations and trainers in the area of the fight against racism and Islamophobia. All this work will be accompanied by national and international meetings, creation of synergies, and a research about Islamophobia.



24 months from 1st November 2019 to 31st October 2021.


  1. To empower migrant leaders and anti-racist activists:
    • to support their work through Forum-Theatre, communication skills and Freire’s approach
    • to improve their ability to network among different anti-racist entities
  2. To improve citizens and students skills to respond on racism
  3. To involve more migrants associations and leaders in the struggle against racism and Islamophobia
  4. To connect migrants groups and associations, together with anti-racist organisations and Public Institutions in a common struggle against racism and Islamophobia
  5. To sensitize Secondary schools (students, teachers, families) about Islamophobia and racism.


In each town affected (Parma, Barcelona, Marseille, Valladolid): theatre workshop, Forum-Theatre, training, campaign, seminar, press release... In Barcelona: final conference, international seminar, international training.


October-November 2019


Meeting, internal organisation…

October-November 2019

December 2019-April 2020


Interviews and meeting with Muslim and their associations to analyse the perception of discrimination and collect cases to be staged.

Collection of best practice to tackle Islamophobia in Europe.

December 2019-April 2020

April 2020–April 2021


Preparation of pieces about Islamophobia based on interviews and desk research, focusing daily aspects of the phenomenon.

Forum-Theatre sessions in several contexts like schools, associations, public spaces, etc.

Workshops, intervention in school, anti-rumours training…

April 2020–April 2021

September 2020-August 2021


The results of the previous stage will be proposed to different audiences through several tools: short videos on YouTube, seminars, Forum sessions, Internet, video presentations, regional seminars, newsletters, etc.

September 2020-August 2021

September 2021


A final conference plus international seminar and workshop about Islamophobia and tools to prevent it, will be set up in Barcelona.

September 2021



  1. 80 leaders and members of migrant associations, mainly Muslim associations, aiming to fight Islamophobia and to defend HHRR.
  2. 80 activists from anti-racist organisations, NGO defending HHRR, individuals
  3. 240 citizens trained as anti-rumours agents.
  4. 260 Secondary school students.

  1. 16 Public Institutions aiming to tackle racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and discrimination
  2. 140 teachers and parents from Secondary schools where the project takes place.


  • Result 1: Empowered 80 migrant leaders and 80 anti-racist activists
  • Result 2: improved the skills to respond to racism in 240 citizens and 260 students
  • Result 3: 40 migrants associations and leaders involved in the struggle against racism and Islamophobia
  • Result 4: strengthened or created 4 local/regional networks to fight racism and Islamophobia (with migrants groups and associations, anti-racist organisations and Public Institutions)
  • Result 5: sensitised 260 Secondary school students and their parents and teachers about Islamophobia, racism and HH.RR.


  • 1 handbook
  • 1 Lesson Learned
  • 1 Blog
  • 1 project video
  • 5 newsletters
  • Forum-Theatre scripts on Islamophobia