Participation in: “Final meeting of the European project New Neighbours in Barcelona”

Forn de teatre Pa'tothom - NewNeighbours



Forn de teatre Pa’tothom participates in the Final meeting of the European Project “New Neighbours”.

Date: 15 February 2021

From 10h to 14h

Re-writing conceptions of migration and refuge. Impacts on neighbourhoods.
Challenges and possibilities from the media and civil society organisations in favour of interculturality and social inclusivity of migrants and refugees.
State of the art and how to implement respectful and inclusive narratives on migration.

With the idea of the European TIP Project not to create new initiatives but to strengthen a wide range of existing initiatives in Barcelona, Pa’tothom will participate in the round table because it considers it a fundamental initiative in these times where it must be added to the objectives of this project. That is to say: “to highlight the positive social and economic contributions made by migrants and refugees throughout communities across Europe. By promoting direct participation in media production and intercultural dynamics, it is hoped to foster tolerance and acceptance for migrants and refugees in EU member states.”

This round table had the presence of the antropologist Lola López.

Place: Cinemes Girona de Barcelona



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