III Congress “Dismantling Islamophobia” – Spain

Forn de teatre Pa'tothom

The 3rd Conference “Dismantling Islamophobia” is proposed as a space for reflection for all those interested in finding out, debating, sharing and defining new formulas and strategies to counter Islamophobia. It is a meeting at a professional academic level whose aim is to dismantle the Islamophobic discourse from different spheres.

It will address various topics related to the history of Islamophobia, its presence in educational environments, in the media, or gender through specialists in these areas.

This Congress will be held online in November 2021 and is part of the National Programme for the Prevention of Islamophobia of the Moroccan Association for the Integration of Immigrants and aims to increase society’s capacity to detect and prevent Islamophobic discrimination through training and awareness-raising.

Jordi Forcadas from Forn de teatre Pa’tothom with a talk and workshop “Theatrical tools for the prevention of Islamophobia” with Forn de teatre Pa’tothom, where the importance of alliances in the fight against Islamophobia will be shown. Screening of a scene (theatre of the oppressed) and live forum-debate.

Organised by: Moroccan Association of Malaga.

Dates: from 24 to 26 November 2021


You can see the conference in Youtube of Pa’tothom


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