Last TPM in Barcelona

After 2 and a half years of project, with a difficult development due to the situation, with numerous interruptions and difficulties, the meeting can give rise to an in-depth analysis. Thus, the meeting has two objectives: To take stock of everything that has been worked on up to now and to finish organising the last details of the Final Conference that would take place two days later. With the holding of this meeting, an attempt was made to reduce all kinds of doubts about the last steps to be followed by the project. A balance was made in which all the partners participated and what had been worked on was highly valued. Then, the point at which each entity is located was explained, an attempt was made to analyse it with respect to its local environment, and finally, what is missing was thought collectively, and a look to the future. It was about thinking positively, in a future society that does not discriminate. Thus, that society lives what was experienced between the partners of the project where solidarity, empathy and teamwork reigned.

On the other hand, the final Conference of the TIP Project was discussed, where all the partners participated. A great closure for our project and partnership!

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