Forum theatre: The unbearable banality of the topic

Forum theatre: The unbearable banality of the topic

Forum play

Theme: Fighting Islamophobia

Synopsis: Certain behaviours towards Muslim people in the workplace and in education are raised. We analyse how they experience it and what can be done.

Directed by: Jordi Forcadas

Starring: Hajar Fawzi, Ilham Arsiine, Loubna Gourmat, Mariam Bahous, Marua Lo Houari, Siham Azaouyat, Cheikh Drame, Eduard Benito, Franz Fernández, George Zamrini, Martí Costa.

Date: 24 May at 9.30 a.m.

Place: Institut Maria Espinalt del Poblenou in Barcelona.

(In camera for the students of the school).

Acknowledgements: Lola López






European TIP Project

With the participation of about 25 people, a process of creation of a theatre play is opened as a collective fight against prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination suffered by Muslim people and it is proposed as a fight against this type of behaviour.

Conceived and created by:

the international project


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