Red Íncola – The European TIP project in Valladolid

The European TIP project begins its adventure in Valladolid, thanks to the participation of Red Íncola

«Red Incola is a non profit organization , built as an association in 2006, and as a Foundation in 2011. Our general board is composed by 8 entities, connected in a collective network to carry out a joint mission: to support immigrant population in risk situation of exclusion, in the promote and defense of their rights so that they can have a dignified life. As an organization we wish to contribute to this effort, offering our reflections and our works as an integrated response to the challenges presented by the issues of migration; we strive to improve the quality of our programs and to increase our influence in the pursuit of a more just society. Red Íncola has been backing since our origins for migrants integration and in particular for intercultural coexistence «

In this post we want to share their efforts during a week full of meetings with the TIP project in Valladolid, for the prevention of racism and Islamophobia.

In the photo, we can see the internal working group of Red Incola, that runs this project, discusses ways to improve the scope of TIP at the local level.

A lot of ideas and a lot of willness!

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