Final Conference in Barcelona

The Final Conference of the project was titled « Conference on theatre and pedagogy against Islamophobia in Barcelona”. This was aimed at emphasising the pedagogical aspect of the Theatre of the Oppressed, its ability to accompany processes and challenges, and finally, the innovativeness of this way of making problems visible and talking about them. As well as the final conference, the two main objectives were addressed:

• The project provided, supported and built debate contexts between organisations, researchers and people to create another line of fight against Islamophobia and support the existing ones.

• Strategies were implemented, through artistic actions, to generate a debate that can contribute elements to organisations and trainers in the field of the fight against racism and Islamophobia. Also dismantle hate speech.

There was the presence and participation of prominent people in the fight against Islamophobia: Ainhoa Nadia Douhaibi spoke at the opening with an excellent conference: “Understanding Islamophobia as a form of state racism. Protocols, laws and policies». Mrs. Douhaibi is the author of the book with S. Amazian: “The radicalization of racism. State Islamophobia and anti-terrorist prevention”. The anthropologist Lola López, the president of SAFI, Mustapha Aoulad Sellam, Kaire Ba from SOS Racisme and the actor Abdel Aziz El Mountasir were also present. On the other hand, at an institutional level, the conference had the collaboration of SAFI (Stop als fenomens islamófobs), SOS Racisme, the Non-Discrimination Office of the Barcelona City Council, the National Network for the Attention, Reporting and Prevention of Islamophobia (RENADPI 2022), the Moroccan Association of Malaga or the Islamic Cultural Center of Catalonia. On the other hand, the Forum Theater was presented against Islamophobia that they set up in Pa’tothom: «The unbearable banality of the subject» with very much participation of the public. 

Some events were part of the #worldagainstracism, an international demonstration against racism. Finally, the launch of the handbook and the presentation of the video were made with great success and acceptance by the attending public.

As a final evaluation of the conference we can surely say that the goals were achieved and it was very successful for attendees, and with great satisfaction of the partners.

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