Collection of best practices in Europe against Islamophobia

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Compilation of best practices related to the fight against Islamophobia in Europe; we will ask our networks to help us find best practices, beyond theatre, applied in the whole European context, to be used as a basis and examples to follow for the work to be carried out in the TIP Project.



The concept of good practices refers to actions, experiences or methodologies with tangible and measurable repercussions in terms of improving the quality of life of people and the environment, and which can serve as models for other countries or regions to learn about and adapt to their own situation (Hernández Aja, 2001).

Within the framework of the TIP project, we will consider as a good practice the actions, experiences or methodologies developed and implemented in Europe, which have had positive results in the identification, analysis and prevention of racism and Islamophobia.



They respond to the need to identify, analyze and prevent hate crimes based on racism, xenophobia, religious discrimination and Islamophobia.

Innovative methods: they develop new or creative solutions.

Sustainable: they have been established and can be maintained over time and produce positive effects.

They must have results in practice and evaluation mechanisms.

They have coordination mechanisms and can be replicated.



An International Seminar will be held in Barcelona (April 2021). Some of the entities that have implemented initiatives and projects that we consider good practices mentioned in this document will be invited.
We know that there will be numerous initiatives that we could put here. This document is indicative. It is not intended to compile all existing initiatives, as this is physically impossible.
However, if you know of a project or entity worth mentioning, we would be happy to include it in the database on this website.





Bests practices against islamophobia in Europe




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