CNAAE Celebration

CNAAE- Pa'tothom

The Association of the Black African and Afro-descendant Community of Spain (CNAAE) is organising a conference to celebrate its 1st birthday.

The conference will be held from 7 to 12 June. Check the programme.

Pa’tothom has been invited to perform a forum play.

“The unbearable banality of the subject”.
Forum play against Islamophobia.
Performed by Forn de teatre Pa’tothom

Play of collective creation directed by: Jordi Forcadas

Performed by: Ilham Arsiine, Siham Azaouyat, Loubna Gourmat, Mariam Bahous, Hajar Fawzi, Marua El Houari, Cheikh Drame, Eduard Benito, Franz Fernández, George Zamrini, Martí Costa.

Synopsis: a play that explores the lives of Muslim people in different spaces such as at work and at school.

Within the framework of the European project TIP.

Place: Calle de la Lluna 5 (08001) Raval de Barcelona.

Date: Saturday 12 June at 12h.

Free activity

Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Acknowledgements: Lola López and SAFI (Stop als fenòmens islamòfobs)

With the support of:

European TIP Project

With the participation of about 25 people, a process of creation of a theatre play is opened as a collective fight against prejudices, stereotypes and discrimination suffered by Muslim people and it is proposed as a fight against this type of behaviour.

Conceived and created by: Abderahmane Ezzaidi, Abyr Omari, Amanda Forcadas, Amy Claire, Beatriz de Ory, Cheikh Drame, Eduard Benito, Farah El Yandari, Franz Fernández, George Zanrini, Hajar Fawzi, Ilham Arsiine, Khadija Ben Amar, Leila Er-Rabiai Laabadla, Lorena Salvador, Loubna Gourmat, Marcel Alcantara, Mariam Bahous, Mariam ElHamidri, Martí Costa, Marva el Houari, Nesrine Ammi, Omaima Blal, Oumayma El Hichou, Pilar Romano y Siham Azaouyat.


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