Partners of the international project TIP

Giolli cooperativa sociale - Italy

Project leader
Giolli has a central core formed by the partners and a network of collaborations that over time has expanded and restricted according to the evolution of the group. Here we would like to thank the dozens of people who have contributed and then, for various reasons, have left. At present there are about twenty collaborators who make TdO in their areas and about twenty actors who participate in the Forums organized by Giolli.

Forn de teatre Pa'tothom - Spain

Entity of Barcelona, specialized in Theater of the Oppressed (A. Boal) that implements projects for the defense of Human Rights, the eradication of practices that generate social exclusion and in research of alternative social models. Pa’tothom has also developed a school with its own pedagogical lines.

Mission Locale - France

The Local Mission is an association which supports young people in order to help them in the realization of their professional project.
We support young people, out of the school system, between 16 and 25 years old, with or without a diploma, with or without experience, French or foreigners and lately migrants who do not speak our language.
We help them in their job research or in their training project, in particular by building with them a personalized journey whose objective is a support towards employment by mobilizing local partners and economic actors, businesses and local communities.
At the same time, we offer different specific support systems to promote the professional integration of this fragile public, including those financed by the European Social Fund.
We also interfere in the social environment of young people in order to help them to solve some problems they may encounter (allocation of financial aid, food parcel, transport, health, citizenship, housing assistance, discrimination)
Our Local Mission has the particularity to ensure for the department and this, thanks to its director’s statut, the mission of CORA (Operational Committee to fight Racism and Antisemitism). It develops actions to promote the concept of living together.

Red Incola - Spain

Red Incola is a non profit organization , built as an association in 2006, and as a Foundation in 2011. Our general board is composed by 8 entities, connected in a collective network to carry out a joint mission: to support immigrant population in risk situation of exclusion, in the promote and defense of their rights so that they can have a dignified life. As an organization we wish to contribute to this effort, offering our reflections and our works as an integrated response to the challenges presented by the issues of migration; we strive to improve the quality of our programs and to increase our influence in the pursuit of a more just society. Red Íncola has been backing since our origins for migrants integration and in particular for intercultural coexistence.



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